Forensic Technology

Forensic Technology

Delivering on the promise

Our Forensic Technology services comprises of four key areas:

  • Digital evidence recovery - Our Forensic Technology professionals can recover electronic evidence in a legally prescribed manner suitable for use in legal proceedings. We also provide expert testimony to explain the manner in which evidence was located, extracted and examined; including exact binary image of copies of the digital evidence.

  • Cyber Forensics - Our Cybercrime professionals will work to determine the extent of the computer network attack, affix culpability, assess financial losses, recommended corrective action, implement corporate compliance and defensive programs and reduce the potential of cyber-related civil litigation.

  • Forensic Data Analysis - Our analysts use the latest techniques including data extraction, data storage, data mining and visualisation, password cracking and de-encryption techniques to provide a cost efficient resolution to data investigation issues.

  • Document Management Services - We draw upon the latest document management tools that allow us to archive, search, find, organise, share and reproduce documents. Our extensive experience and skills in document management allows us to advise, assist, setup or run your document needs.