• Restructuring

Financial Restructuring

We assist troubled companies, their lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders in businesses which are underperforming or facing financial crisis.

We provide hands-on and a tailored approach in our Financial  Restructuring services covering the following:

  • Reviewing the financial position of the business
  • Identifying issues or factors for the underperformance or which had resulted in the company being in financial distress
  • Reviewing the future viability of the business including the cash flow projections and profit estimates
  • Evaluating the short term and long term options
  • Acting as an intermediary in re-establishing the trust between the company and its financial stakeholders
  • Developing and assisting in the implementation of the preferred financial/ debt restructuring plans
  • Acting as Independent Financial Adviser for lenders


COVID-19: Restructuring Services

Businesses throughout Malaysia and across the world are already and will continue to be deeply affected by, amongst others, the current economic climate.

Visit our COVID-19 site for more detail on our Restructuring Services in light of this pandemic.