Business Services and Outsourcing Services

BDO's Business Services and Outsourcing practice offers a wide range of tailored accounting, advisory, and compliance services to support the growth and adaptability of companies operating within and beyond Malaysia's dynamic business landscape.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services that covers the essentials of corporate functioning, enabling businesses to navigate change with agility and confidence. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in managing a variety of critical functions that can be efficiently handled outside your core business operations.

Apart from that, we are also able to provide seamless integration of back-office operations with strategic business processes, ensuring that our clients receive holistic solutions, from routine financial tasks to complex compliance mandates.

Our services are designed to:

  • Enhance financial and accounting operations,
  • Strengthen compliance and regulatory frameworks,
  • Streamline payroll and HR management,
  • Provide strategic tax planning and reporting.
Tang Poh Choo

Tang Poh Choo

Executive Director, Business Services & Outsourcing
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