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A place where your career is not just a job, but a collaborative adventure where lifelong learning and meaningful relationships fuel your professional growth.

People are the centerpiece of our business, hence relationships matter.

Here at BDO, we focus on building meaningful lasting relationships with clients, people and the community. Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) themed “Because Relationships Matter" is not just a slogan; it defines our distinctiveness. Comprising of our interconnected components, our EVP forms the strong pillars that uphold our commitment.
We cultivate trust and build meaningful lasting relationships.

Our people are our greatest asset. We are incredibly proud of our unified culture and are passionate about creating a supportive and collaborative environment in which we can all thrive. Our employees develop strong working relationships through proximity with the Partners and Managers who will mentor, coach and guide accordingly. We also foster and encourage camaraderie at the workplace. Here is where our employees build meaningful relationships and networks that they carry not only through their career but their lifetime.

We nurture future leaders – your career, our journey.

At BDO, we simply believe that your career is our journey. We are committed to our people, nurturing them as they grow with the firm and strive to provide them with long-term advancement, both professionally and personally. We provide experiential learning where everyone can apply their knowledge and skills to their work while finding solutions to meet clients’ needs. We expose our people to different industries & businesses, transactions & financial instruments - areas where they can build their knowledge and skills set, empowering them to learn in the way that suit them best and allow them to take ownership of their career development and future role as leaders.

We believe everyone should learn and develop their careers in their own way.

We empower our people to make a positive difference.

Work aside, we believe that there should be a sense of purpose as to why you join BDO. We have fun moments at work, networking across divisions in BDO, wellness programmes, charity runs, flexibility work arrangements, public speaking development through BDO’s Toastmasters Club and most importantly, CSR programmes such as BDO Gives-Back programme, to make a positive difference through supporting a charitable cause. 

Be part of our growing global network and trusted brand.

BDO has a strong local presence together with a growing global organisation and credible brand. Our people are spoilt for choices when it comes to international and regional secondments and overseas job engagements opportunities available to them. We have also established regional offices across ASEAN in Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

We are one of the world’s leading global organisation of independent public accounting firms and was awarded the 2018 Network of the Year at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards 2018. We also won the same award in 2015.

The four components encapsulates our BDO Why of “People Helping People Achieve Their Dreams”. Essentially our Why powers how we care about our people, as well as how we support our clients and the community that we live in. That’s what makes BDO lead.

Why BDO?

At BDO, our benefits begin – but do not end – with competitive financial compensation for our employees. Our rewards extend to a variety of opportunities for enrichment that allow you to grow both professionally and personally. 

Find out below how we care about your wellbeing and ensure your career our journey:

approved-training-employerProfessional Qualification Sponsorship

We provide sponsorship for our employees to pursue their professional qualification including ACCA, ICAEW, CPA Australia, and MICPA-CAANZ.

Comprehensive Learning and Development Programmes

Our training programmes are well-rounded, focusing on leadership development, technical skills, and soft skills.

Exposure to Diverse Industries and Businesses

Our professionals are not constraint to one industry, we provide the opportunity to work across various industries and businesses that help them broaden their skills set.

Global Mobility, Secondment,and MY-ASEAN Internship

BDO's secondment programme enables our professionals to transfer and share resources, knowledge, skills, and build connections with other BDO professionals from various countries and regions.

flexible-work-arrangementFlexible Working Arrangements

Our Flexi-Hours arrangement allows employees to adjust their working hours, balancing personal needs and the firm's requirements. Employees may start between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., completing 8 hours a day.

annual-leaveBirthday Leave 

Celebrate your special day the way it deserves! BDOians are entitled to one extra day off to celebrate their birthday.

compensation-healthcare Physical Wellness 

Our commitment to employee well-being is reflected in the exclusive amenities we offer. Our people have access to in-house personal trainer, pool, gym, and sauna.

Mental Wellness 

Full-time employees have access to fully subsidised mental health applications to support their mental well-being and personal development goals.

Dental and Optical Care  

Apart from medical and hopistalisation coverage, we offer dental and optical care for our employees.

Sports Club and Societies

BDO offers a world beyond desks and meetings, where your passions and interests come to life. Build meaningful relationships with your colleagues as you bond over shared interests.

company-social-eventsVolunteer Opportunities

Empowering our purpose to make positive difference, BDO CSR Focus Group provides opportunity for our employees to return back to the community.

We Work with BDO - BDO Inspires

Hear firsthand from our people about the unique work environment, growth opportunities, and supportive culture that define the BDO experience. 

Discover why talented individuals choose to work with us.

I focus a lot more on building a culture where my team members feel like they belong here. An open-door policy is promoted where my team members are encouraged to speak up and contribute their ideas.
Coaching has been an integral part of audit, and this is the culture continuously practised in BDO. Receiving constant support from superiors, peers, and juniors who go beyond their roles to share their knowledge inspires me to be a better coach.
I had the chance to travel to London, UK for audit review and asset sighting along with my engagement partner. My overseas work arrangement provides a remarkable platform for networking, learning, and fostering new connections that undoubtedly contribute to my career growth
BDO is a best place to start your career. The working environment is friendly and supportive. Professionals there ensure that interns have opportunities to learn and experience real working settings.
At BDO, relationship does matter. Such ‘openness’ creates little to zero barrier between the senior professionals and interns, which immensely help us in having effective work discussion or even communicating non-work-related topics. My internship journey has been rewarding, where not only do I have a glimpse of how audit is carried out, but I was also exposed to various people from various industries and backgrounds.
The team collaboration was exceptional, and I appreciated the mentorship provided by the seniors. The engagements not only deepened my understanding of audit process but also improved my problem-solving skills. What I enjoyed most was the supportive work culture at BDO, where questions were encouraged, learning was viewed as a continuous process, and the seniors are willing to teach.

Discover Your Opportunities 

Experience lifelong learning, structured professional development, and cultivate meaningful relationships in a dynamic work environment.

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