Corporate Tax Compliance and Advisory

Corporate Tax Compliance and Advisory Services

Under the Self Assessment System (SAS), taxpayers are required to self-assess their respective tax liabilities and ensure that the correct amount of taxes is paid on time. From the drawing up of tax computation worksheets to the submission of statutory tax returns, we seek to understand the nature of our clients’ businesses and provide comprehensive compliance services to them, regardless of the size and industry in which they operate.

Further every business decision has a potential tax impact. Even when businesses have not changed, with ever changing tax legislation, what was tax efficient yesterday may no longer be tax efficient today. Our tax professionals are at hand to apply our extensive knowledge and experience to help identify the tax opportunities and risks for our clients.

Our services in the corporate tax advisory include:

  • Group Tax Efficiency Diagnostic Reviews

We assess your tax position within the group, identifying opportunities to improve tax efficiency and reduce liabilities.
  • Transaction Review for Tax Optimisation

Our experts meticulously review transactions to uncover tax optimization strategies and ensure you benefit from all applicable tax reliefs.
  • Corporate and Group Restructuring Tax Planning

We offer strategic tax planning services tailored to corporate and group restructurings, ensuring tax-efficiency in the face of organizational change.
  • Advice on Tax-Efficient Business Financing

Our team provides expert advice on structuring business financing and cash management to support tax efficiency.
  • Capital Allowance and Expenditure Tax Advice

 We guide you on capital allowance and expenditure decisions to maximize tax benefits and comply with relevant tax laws.
  • Cross-Border Investment Tax Advisory

Navigate the complexities of withholding tax and international tax laws with BDO's expert advice on cross-border investments and projects.