CyberSecurity - no longer a buzzword

03 August 2017

Cyber-attacks have been on the rise and increasingly reported on. In the year of 2015 alone, Symantec discovered over 430 million distinct malwares. 

The ransomware “Wannacry” was reported on May 2017 and has spread to over 150 countries causing mayhem to businesses and enterprises; this was followed by a second strain that goes by the name “Petya” which was far more destructive and rampant compared to its predecessor.

Such attacks will not stop anytime soon.

Before you seek out expensive protection software and/or application solutions to prevent these cyber-attacks, you need to quickly understand the extent of the vulnerabilities in your environment. In BDO we used the analogy; to firstly ‘raise your ‘gaze’ and establish better sight of your environment and then to ‘raise your game’ in achieving a higher state of readiness and effective defence systems. A Vulnerability Assessment (Scan) is typically the first stage of the exercise in giving you that insight of where your vulnerabilities are.

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