• BDO. Because Relationships Matter

Our Culture



BDO is founded on the culture that people and hence relationship matters.  When asked, who we are and how we are different from our closest competitors, people who know us are known to respond that “BDO is the ‘People’ firm”. 

At BDO, we have four core values, which complement each other and act as strong pillars in delivering our promise to our people, ensuring relationships matter and continue to matter in BDO.   

Our core values are People, Development, Purpose and Recognition.




Our people are our greatest assets. We are incredibly proud of our unified culture and are passionate about creating a supportive and collaborative environment in which we can all thrive. Our employees develop strong working relationships through proximity with the Partners and Managers who will mentor, coach and guide accordingly.  We also foster and encourage camaraderie at the workplace.  Here is where our employees build meaningful relationships and networks that they carry not only through their career but their lifetime.



At BDO, we simply believe that your career is our journey. We are committed to our people, nurturing them as they grow with the firm and strive to provide them with long-term advancement, both professionally and personally. We provide experiential learning where everyone can apply their knowledge and skills to their work while finding solutions to meet clients’ needs. We expose our people to different industries & businesses, transactions & financial instruments - areas where they can build their knowledge and skills set, empowering them to learn in the way that suit them best and allow them to take ownership of their career development and future role as leaders.

We believe everyone should learn and develop their careers in their own way.



Work aside, we believe that there should be a sense of purpose as to why you join BDO. We respect that certain things are equally as meaningful to our people such as fun moments at work, network across divisions in BDO, wellness programmes, flexible work arrangements, Toastmasters Club and most importantly, through our BDO Gives-Back programmes to make a positive difference through a variety of charitable causes. 



We have a strong local presence together with a growing global BDO organisation and credible brand. Our people have the opportunity to embark on international & regional secondments and overseas job engagements. We have also established regional offices across ASEAN in Brunei, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam. 

We are one of the world’s leading global organisation of independent public accounting firms and was awarded the 2018 Network of the Year at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards 2018. We also won the same award in 2015.