What's Their Story?


We take pride in our people and our relationships within. These are their stories.

Tan Yeong Tat
Audit Partner

“I went to Vietnam to assist in an Outsourcing assignment. We worked together to set up work process and methodology. My Vietnamese colleagues often took me on their motorcycles to hunt for food after work. I truly enjoyed working with them and I would love to go back there again.”


Siti Aisah
Manager, Audit
1st Malaysia placing and 7th World placing in ACCA June 2013

“Be it through personal event or formal education, learning is a never-ending process. ACCA has paved the right track for me to embark into a new chapter with the best teachers and experience. The learning journey in BDO is priceless.”

Zachary John Baptist
Director, Governance Advisory

“Having had the option to join a big five firm, I chose to join BDO. What attracted me was that BDO’s top management are big five trained, and BDO itself with its wide network of partner firms is big enough to provide the right expertise and exposure yet intimate enough to give the opportunity to work closely with our partners.”