• Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance

Your tax matters, our professional responsibility

Corporate tax

Under the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board’s (MIRB) current system, taxpayers are now required to self-assess their respective tax liabilities and ensure that the correct amount is paid in due time. 

At BDO, we understand the importance of your tax compliance obligations and that the diversion of resources and business focus can be time and effort-consuming. Accordingly, we employ our years of experience, know-how and wide network of qualified professionals to provide your business with the necessary tax compliance services. 

From the drawing up of tax computation worksheets to the submission of statutory tax returns, we seek to understand the nature of our clients’ businesses and provide compliance services that are tailored to each and every company, regardless of size and field of operation. 

We invest in the right people, technology and processes to ease the burden of our clients’ businesses – your tax matters are our professional responsibility. 

We make your tax matters personal

Individual and expatriate tax

With the Self-Assessment System (SAS) being extended to individual taxpayers as well, all Malaysian residents (including expatriates whom meet the MIRB’s requirements) are required to ensure that their respective tax obligations are met every year. 
This obligation is even more challenging given the circumstances of certain individuals. For example, sole business owners, individuals with multiple sources of income and expatriates whom are resident to more than one tax jurisdictions face more complications due to the increased number of regulations that are applicable to them.
Regardless of the complexity of your tax matters, BDO can provide you with the assistance you need, such as:
  • Ensuring compliance with all local and international tax regulatory requirements
  • Protecting your personal wealth
  • Enabling you to plan for your future financial matters
At BDO, we are equipped with the right people and the right tools, giving us an edge when handling your tax matters.