• Incentive & Investment Venture Advisory

Incentive & Investment Venture Advisory

Optimising the use of tax incentive and government grants for our clients

Malaysia is considered an ideal investment destination for many investors as it has a unique combination of a well-developed infrastructure, comprehensive pool of talent and a stable business environment. The cost of doing business is also comparatively lower against other nations making it an attractive investment location in the ASEAN region.
Various fiscal and non-fiscal incentives are available to continue to attract domestic and foreign investment to undertake projects of strategic national importance that are promoted by the Government e.g. MSC Malaysia, Principal Hub, Green Technology etc. 
Some of the incentives available for eligible businesses in Malaysia are;
  • Corporate Tax exemption / allowances. i.e. Pioneer Status, Investment Tax  Allowance
  • Indirect Tax exemptions. i.e. Import Duty, Stamp Duty
  • Grants. i.e. Infrastructure grants, Development Grants
  • Deduction/Allowance. i.e. Double Deductions, Reinvestment Allowance.
At BDO, our team of experts strive to help you identify eligible tax incentives and/or government grants and maximise the benefits in line with your commercial objectives. Our services include reviewing your business case and liaising with the relevant authorities to obtain approval(s).